CP Secure VPN – 1 Year


1 year subscription for CP Secure VPN Subnet services.

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CP Secure VPN

Back office VPN concentrators are costly and time consuming to deploy. Fixed VPN ‘head end’ hardware solutions are capital intensive and have long lead times for distributed enterprises. IT managers need to secure their expanding Edge Networks using architectures that scale quickly and are easy to maintain.

CP Secure VPN allows you to:

  • Prevent untrusted access with mutual X.509 authentication on TLS
  • Assign the same IP address to multiple end points for seamless failover in business continuity applications
  • Pay for what you need (new end-points can be set up in minutes with no back office IT effort)
  • Secure back office connectivity with easy-to-use web-based admin tools
  • Rapidly deploy and scale to meet demand—without hardware costs or lead times


  • Saves on capital and operational expenses to build & manage complex Head End VPN concentrators
  • Simple to set up, easy to maintain sophisticated security controls
  • Provides consistent architecture over any network—globally
  • Pay only for what you use to match your business requirements
  • Manage your network in one place



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